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Church of Lapa
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Church of Lapa

Construction for the Church of Lapa began in the second half of the eighteenth century, but the Neoclassical style building went through minor modifications over time. It belongs to the Brotherhood of Nossa Senhora da Lapa, which was established in 1755. Construction began the following year, but the towers were only completed in 1863. Inside, the church keeps the heart of King Pedro IV. It was given by the monarch who was keen to leave it to the city of Porto as a way to recognize the support that its population provided during the Portuguese Civil War. The heart of Dom Pedro IV is kept inside an urn that opens with five keys and crafted to resemble the original urn that transported the organ to the city. It is examined every 10 years to check its condition and it was last seen in 2009. The eighteenth century image of Nossa Senhora da Lapa in the imposing altarpiece and the pipe organ designed by the German Georg Jann are other interesting features of this building, which was classified as Monument of Public Interest. The Portuguese writers Camilo Castelo Branco and Soares de Passos are buried in the Lapa Cemetery, contiguous to the church.

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