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Major Tourist Landmarks

Major Tourist Landmarks

If we were to point out a single tourist interest point in Porto, it would be its historic centre. Classified as Cultural Heritage for Humanity since 1996, the old town, where one of the most beautiful monuments of Invicta is erected, the Stock Exchange Palace, is a must see. Crossing over to the south bank of the River Douro, through the D. Luis I Bridge, are the equally compelling old Port wine cellars.

"Stuck" to the historic centre, is downtown, which has undergone great change over the last years and is today the centre nerve of nightlife in Porto, as well as one of the most dynamic cultural and gastronomic city centres. It is in downtown Porto that you can visit the famous Torre dos Clérigos - a major symbol of the Invicta city, which was inaugurated in 1763, one of the finest libraries in the world, Lello, and the iconic Majestic Café in full Rua de Santa Catarina.

Be sure to visit the area of Boavista/sea front, the House of Music, the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art and the City Park - the green lung of the city, with its 83 hectares. Close to the City Park, is the Matosinhos Fish Market, an area worth visiting for its fish - char grilled - and fresh seafood.


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