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Gastronomy & Wines
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Gastronomy & Wines

Portugal has a distinct and diverse cuisine that no diner is indifferent to. And Porto is a city that welcomes - and serves - well. Within the city's traditional Portuguese cuisine, there are not to be missed specialties, such as Porto style tripe, francesinhas [little frenchies], a dish that is inspired on the croque monsieur - and the Gomes de Sá style cod. At Invicta you will also find other, more refined, cosmopolitan and signature cuisine, Michelin-starred restaurants and talented chefs, faithful to their origins but with an international overview of the kitchen. Heading to the Douro, discover a regional cuisine that blends in perfectly with the increasingly-rated Douro table wines and generous port wine. Try the traditional kid, the "maronesa" meat and the different types of sausages. In the Vinho Verde Region, indulge in the cod, catfish, trout and/or the shad - all cooked in different ways and all of which can be identified as part of the Minho cuisine. The always fresh char-grilled fish and seafood, which abounds throughout the coast, are a representation of the Coast of Minho - and are characteristic of Portuguese cuisine in general. Meat lovers will enjoy the famous sarrabulho [a stew with rice cooked in curdled pig's blood] and rojões [chunks of fried pork]. In the city of Braga, try the famous Braga style cod, the roasted kid and the Abade de Priscos pudding.

In the city of Porto, there are restaurants serving specialties from other regions of Portugal, with particular emphasis on mountain cuisine and Alentejo region.

A meat suggestion that crosses the entire country, the Portuguese stew, a dish that combines meat, vegetables and assorted sausages.

In effect, the sausages are one of the products that is present at all different 'tables' of the country. The other is cheese. The Serra da Estrela PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) is the most famous of our cheeses, but with the cheese, as with the wines, you will be surprised by the diversity and quality that the country has to offer.

A final note for the Portuguese olive oil. Of great quality, it is always present in Portuguese cuisine and has a presence in every dish, including the cod recipes.

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