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Porto is a city with a rich history and a very interesting cultural dynamics. Its ancestral origins date back to a pre-Roman settlement, which will have existed on the site where today visitors can find the Cathedral.

Porto, European Capital City of Culture in 2001 and whose historic centre has been listed as a World Heritage site since 1996, is a cosmopolitan city and has a nightlife that has cross-border fame. To this also contributes an intense and multidisciplinary cultural agenda that fills the various rooms with a steady supply.

In addition to port wine - the cellars where the famous nectar liqueur is aged are in Vila Nova de Gaia. There you will find waiting for you some exceptional table wines. In the cellarets and wine bars the city finds references from various Portuguese wine regions.

And, in addition to wines, you will at the Invicta a cuisine based on traditional products, which can be found in both traditional and gourmet grocery stores and also at the table, both in traditional Portuguese cuisine restaurants and/or signature restaurants.

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