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Chapel of Alfaiates
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Chapel of Alfaiates

Built in 1554, the Chapel of Alfaiates houses a clay image of Nossa Senhora de Agosto (Our Lady of August) - the name by which is also known this small temple near Praça da Batalha - outer facade. It was designed and executed by Manuel Luis and was originally stood in front of the door to the Cathedral. It is a testimony to the transition from the late Gothic to the mannerism of Flemish inspiration. In the main chancel, you will find at the centre of the altarpiece, the limestone statue of Our Lady of August. And to the right of the main altar, is a wooden image, dated from the seventeenth century, of S. Bom Homem (St. Good Man), patron of Tailors. It was at the opening of the Terreiro da Sé, in 1935, which led to demolition works in this area, that the Chapel of Tailors was expropriated by the City Council of Porto, having been rebuilt in 1953 in its existing location. It has been a National Monument since 1927 and has information available in Portuguese, Spanish, English and French.

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