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Romance in Oporto
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Romance in Oporto

Oporto offers a unique setting in the world and has magical places to which no \'dove\' remains indifferent. Joining the city with the beautiful Douro Region, where the famous Port wine is produced, we have the ideal destination for a romantic getaway.

The historic centre of Oporto - UNESCO World Heritage Site -, the Ribeira - with its typical houses, the sunny terraces and the fantastic view of the other side, of the Port wine cellars -, the river and the sea, the various food and wine temptations and cultural dynamics of the city make Invicta a place where new passions come to life and the loves of a lifetime rekindle the flame of other times.

Take a walk with your loved one at the centre and discover the culture and history of one of the oldest cities in the country.

Check out the Casa do Infante, between the majestic Church of São Francisco, visit the beautiful Palácio da Bolsa - and its Arab Hall -, have lunch in the Ribeira esplanades and, in the afternoon, take the Number 1 tram, which will take you to Foz, the mouth where the Douro river meets the Atlantic. Regain strength at one of the various esplanades located at the seaside.

Alternatively, you can cross the D. Luís I Bridge and visit the wine cellars of Oporto. The view of the Oporto\'s Ribeira is stunning, an authentic postcard picture, which will be recorded in the memories of both.

In the evening, get ready for dinner with a goblet of port wine one of wine bars downtown, or toast to happy days with sparkling Portuguese wine (espumante) in one of \"espumanterias\" in this prime area of town. Downtown is also the liveliest part of the city at night. They call it the zone of movement, so after a memorable meal in a typical restaurant or a kitchen with the signature of one of the reputed chefs of the city, try your feet at dancing.

Stay inside a hotel with a view - the city has several - and if you have time to enjoy this kind of tenderness, with a SPA.

Be sure to go to Serralves and the Casa da Música in Boavista. Visit the Museum of Contemporary Art, designed by world-renowned architect Álvaro Siza Vieira, and go out on a date in the gardens of the Casa (House) - the other striking building of Serralves, built in Art Deco style. In the warm season, you can have a picnic in Parterre Central Gardens.

The City Park, which is relatively close to Serralves, and Crystal Palace Gardens are other green spaces in the city that lend themselves to the exchange of vows of love.

If you are not one for outdoor dining, you can always visit the House of Music (Casa da Música) and have lunch at the rooftop restaurant of this building with architecture by Rem Koolhsas. Meet the daytime facet of downtown Oporto, with its urban crafts shops, fashion workshops, spaces with design and vintage furniture and other urban businesses.

Buy fruit in the Bolhão Market, drink tea - hot or cold, asking for the temperature - at Café Majestic and exchange gifts with your \'above-all\' in the beautiful Lello bookstore.

A tip: if you are considering marrying your loved one, we suggest the top of the Clerics\' Tower (Torre dos Clérigos).

Considered a symbol of the city, the 75-meter-high tower is an architectural brand of Nicolau Nasoni, a Baroque worker in Oporto. It was inaugurated in 1763 and is classified as a National Monument since 1910. The Church of the Clerics, part of the monument, was the target of a deep recovery intervention in 2014 and is also an interesting visit.

Douro Delight

Take a trip to the Douro, with two hours of travel, and meet a landscape marked by the centennial farms and large terraced vineyards. Your heart will beat faster as you enter in what is one of the most stunning winegrower sceneries in the world. The region, where the world famous Port wine and also much appreciated DOC Douro is made, was demarcated by Marquês do Pombal over 250 years ago and was classified as a World Heritage Site in 2001.

In autumn, the vine leaves get enchanting with the red and golden hue they acquire. Lose yourself in the magic of a region that, between August and October, surrenders its heart to the harvest work. Participate in the work. This time of year, there are several farmhouses with touristic programs that invite others to lay hands on the vine.

When the winter is coming to an end, the almond blossoms dominate the Douro landscape. A walk by the river invites the romance.

During the summer months, we suggest a trip back in time aboard the historic train company Comboios de Portugal. Five wooden historic carriages from the early twentieth century, pulled by a diesel locomotive dated 1967, link the Régua and the Tua Station, and stop at the beautiful town of Pinhão.

In Pinhão, enter the train station to see the beautiful blue tiles (azulejos) that there are.

In the region, it is also worth going up to the Douro viewpoints, sampling the local cuisine - which match in quality to their wine -, visiting the Vale do Côa Archaeological Park - the most important site with outdoor Palaeolithic rock art in the world, also classified by UNESCO - and the Côa Museum, participating in the festivities - that take place throughout the year -, taking a boat ride, going through a vast and interesting set of monumental heritage and exploring the natural parks of Alvão and Douro International.

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