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Boat Trips
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Boat Trips

The Bridges Cruise is an experience not to be missed. A view of the River Douro, the city of Porto and its architecture has a majestic air, creating a stunning scenery that is unique in the world. But there are more river cruises beyond this iconic ride: trips of only a few hours, a whole day and more than one day. You can board a cruise towards Barca d'Alva or the Peso da Régua, Douro, for example, or spend a week in one of the hotel ships that go up and down the river. There are also operators who do yachting or sailing in the Douro and in the Atlantic, with or without a crew.

The city also has a special connection to the outside, with the modern Cruise Terminal of the Port of Leixões, which since having been opened in 2011, has received the largest and most prestigious world fleet cruise ships. In the first half of 2014, the cruise stopovers at the Port of Leixões saw a growth of 22% when compared to the same period for a total of 33 stopovers, there was a 28% increase - reaching a total of 24,401 passengers.

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