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Historical & Cultural Attractions

Historical & Cultural Attractions

The origins of the "Antiga, Mui Nobre, Sempre Leal e Invicta" date back to pre-Roman settlement. Where today stands the Cathedral - a must see monument - there would have been the "castrum novum de Portucale" (new castle of Portugal).

But the wealth of the Historic Centre of Porto goes beyond the churches' interest and of the historical core of the Cathedral, or had the old city shell not been classified as World Heritage for Humanity, by UNESCO in 1996.

Visit the Church of San Francisco, the Stock Exchange Palace, the area of Ribeira - where the D. Luis I Bridge, the typical houses and Port wine cellars mark the landscape -, and the Torre dos Clérigos.

As regards Culture, the House of Music, the Serralves Foundation and the Porto Coliseum are both compelling and national institutions.

Hard Club - with a more alternative musical programming - National Theatre of St. John and the Municipal Theatre - with their Rivoli and Campo Alegre hubs - are other major performance rooms of the city.

In the Arts Quarter, a downtown area where there are several contemporary art galleries, there are every two months, "Simultaneous Inaugurations". If you happen to be travelling through the town at this time, be sure not to miss this event. Finally, more than 30 museums exist in the Invicta city and are another attraction for those seeking culturally thriving cities.


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