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Futebol Clube do Porto Museum
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Futebol Clube do Porto Museum by BMG

Opened in 2013, the FC Porto Museum by BMG is a broad and technological space, integrated into the Dragao Stadium, which gives an insight into the history of FC Porto, the largest club in the city and an institution founded in 1893. In its 27 showrooms, one can find memories of the long lived life of the blue and white emblem, from the club's origins until today, featuring the titles that FC Porto has won - the North Union Cup, a relic and also the first in a long showcase of prizes awarded to the dragões - and its legends. To football legends, such as Jose Mourinho and Sir Bobby Robson who were honoured with a statue - but also to other modality legends, such as the cyclist Joaquim Leão, the boxer Alcino Palm and basketball player Dale Dover.

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