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Influenced by the relief, latitude and proximity to the sea, the weather in Portugal varies from region to region. In Porto and in the North, and here, in particular in the neighbouring towns of Spain, winters are colder than in the rest of the country, however temperatures are nonetheless moderate, compared to the rest of Europe.

January is the coldest month of the year in the city, with minimum temperatures reaching 6 °C and maximum temperature reaching 14 °C, but in the coldest winters, the minimum temperature can reach 0 degrees Celsius - although they very rarely reach freezing point.

The Invicta is a rainy city - the wettest months are, historically, November, December and January - and with a very characteristic haze and humidity, but of course there are winters and winters.

Summers are hot, but not overly hot, and given that Porto is on the coast, the heat is moderated by the maritime influence. In August, the maximum temperature reaches an average 25 °C, with the hottest days climbing to 30. Minimum temperatures on average reach 15 °C. Heading to the interior of the region, the heat is much drier.

Spring in the city is usually mild. And in the autumn there are often sunny days also with mild temperatures. In both seasons, the maximum temperature is often above 15 °C and the minimum exceeds 8 °C.

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