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There are several public payphones throughout the city, that are operated by inserting coins or special cards - on sale at MEO shops, post offices (CTT) and in some kiosks and tobacconists - and where you will find a list of the various country.

To call abroad from Portugal, please dial 00, the country code and the city code, followed by your desired number. In Portugal, all telephone numbers have nine digits. To call from abroad to Portugal, it is necessary to dial the international code 00 and the country code 351. In Portugal, the telephone number for access to the National Information Service, of PT - Portugal Telecom, is 118.

The three mobile phone operators that exist in Portugal - MEO, Vodafone and NOS - all have roaming agreements with most international companies and provide a good nationwide coverage.

When driving please refrain from using your mobile phone. The Highway Code prohibits such use, unless you place the phone on loud speaker or use a headset.

Nowadays, almost everything that is classed as tourist accommodation has, wireless internet available, some hotels and other types even offer this service to its guests. In public spaces, such as Porto Airport, some restaurants and bars, shopping centres and even open plan public spaces, such as Avenida dos Aliados - have clearly marked wireless and/or Wi-Fi zones.

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