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Cultural Visits
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Cultural Visits

The city of Porto has a very interesting cultural dynamics and centuries of history are embedded in a region that has so much to offer its visitors. In the Invicta city, the Serralves Foundation, whose main attraction is the Museum of Contemporary Art, - the House of Music, the Stock Exchange Palace, the Historic Old Town, the Porto wine cellars, its Jewish Heritage and the Architecture of Porto and its and great architects - such as Siza Vieira or Eduardo Souto de Moura - are some of the available tours, which one can do alone or with a guide.

If you have a few days to head to the North or to the Douro, the Romanesque art and architecture of northern Portugal, the treasures of the Baroque, the Celtic culture in the Iberian Peninsula - a visit to Citânia de Sanfins, the region of Vinho Verde, the flowering almond trees and the Douro DOC wines and Port, the city of Guimarães and the Archaeological Park of Côa are tours that will charm you.

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