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House of Almeida Garrett
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House of Almeida Garrett

It is at Rua Dr. Barbosa de Castro, a few meters from the old Relationship Chain - today the Portuguese Center of Photography– where is located the house where João Baptista de Almeida Garrett was born on 4th February 1799, and where the Portuguese writer lived until 1804.It is an eighteenth century building typical of the urban planning reforms carried out in the city by the Almadas. In 1864, the Porto City Council placed in the middle of the first floor a plaster oval medallion, decorated with garlands of laurel leaves, with an inscription in honor of the author of "Frei Luís de Sousa" and "Travels in my land ". Almeida Garrett, who also has the right to a statue on the Aliados Avenue right in front of the City Hall, was also a statesman, diplomat, orator and reformer of the national theater and introducer of the Romanticism in Portugal. On the street and neighboring arteries, there are several restaurants and trendy pubs with snacks that are worth knowing.

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