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University of Porto
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University of Porto

The University of Porto, whose origin dates back to the eighteenth century, is one of the largest educational and scientific research institutions in Portugal. It is also one of the top 100 universities in Europe, and ranks among the top 350 in the world. It has 31,000 students, and a staff of nearly 4,000 teachers, researchers, and administrative people spread out over three university centers. The University is comprised of 15 schools - 14 faculties and a business school. Its 60 research units promote innovation and earned more than 120 national and international patents that have led to the creation of many start-ups. Every year, the institution hosts about 3,700 international students coming from 146 different countries. Roughly half of them reach the University of Porto and the city through international mobility programs for students. It has 13 museums: Marques da Silva Foundation Institute, Natural History Museum, Abel Salazar House Museum, Museum of Botany, Geophysical Institute, Museum of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Museum Centre of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Science Museum, Astronomical Observatory, Museum of the Faculty of Engineering, Museum of the History of Medicine, Center of Documentation and Urbanism and a Sport Museum.

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