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Oporto Marinas & Harbours

Located in the municipality of Matosinhos, the Port of Leixões is an exporting port par excellence which has successively been beating records, both in the transport of goods as in the transport of passengers, having until October moved 15 million tons of goods and received in the first quarter of the same year, 33 cruise stopovers, the equivalent to 24401 passengers. Contributing towards this movement of tourists has been the modern Cruise Terminal, opened in 2011, which has received the largest and most prestigious ships of the world fleet of cruises.

Inaugurated in 2012, the Douro Marina at the mouth of the Douro River, on the left bank, has, in its vessel area, capacity for 300 boats of up to 50 metres. It features a petrol station, a shipyard for boat maintenance and repair, a crane for placing and removing ships from the water (travel-lift) - with capacity to hold 50 tons - and a place with a crane hoisting up to 3 tons. A support building, which opened in the summer of 2013, it has 12 commercial spaces, businesses in the areas of catering, wines, bicycle sale and rental, boat rental and nautical items. At the Douro Marina, there still operates the BB Douro sailing academy.

Located on the right bank of the Douro, at 3 km from the river mouth, is the Freixo Marina, which has a crane of up to 10 tons, access ramp to the water, space for 76 vessels of up to 16 metres length, ship berthing up to 100 metres and bathhouses with hot water showers. This marina that is managed by Sport Club of Porto, has a cafeteria and a restaurant that is open to the public.

Freixo Marina
Freixo Marina

Estrada Nacional 108

4300-316 - Porto

Campanhã, Porto

Phone number:

(+351) 225 309 040

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