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Palace of Arts - Talent Factory
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Palace of arts - Talent Factory

The Palace of the Arts is located on the remains of the Monastery of S. Domingos, which was founded in 1238. The building has been the home of various organizations and institutions and currently houses a project of the Youth Foundation featuring workshops, artistic residencies, creative laboratories and a gallery for visual and fine arts. It also used to house the Porto branch of the Bank of Portugal, the first mint office of Porto, the plenary meetings of the Municipal Assembly, a meeting centre for merchants, and the now extinct Insurance Company of Douro. In the Palace of the Arts - Talent Factory, there is also the restaurant “DOP” by celebrated chef Rui Paula, the contemporary craft shop “Lobo Taste” by the interior designer Paulo Lobo, and the “Take Away Porto” shop where you can buy unique souvenirs. Adapting an ancient tradition to modern times, the Palace of the Arts organizes every two months the “Feiras Francas” (Art market) which is an event that brings together young creators from various fields of the creative arts.

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