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English Factory
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English Factory

The British Factory House is a Palladian building designed by the English consul John Whitehead and built between 1785 and 1790. It is the only Factory House that survived to the present day from among several that existed all throughout the British, Portuguese and Dutch empires. The construction of this building was funded entirely by contributions from British Port merchants. Today, it is run by 12 directors representing 8 associated companies. In the main façade, pay attention to the seven arches that give access to the colonnaded gallery on the ground floor. In contrast to the mezzanine, the main floor is formed by tall windows with balconies and pediments. A rooftop with balustrades completes this remarkable building, which is part of Urban Wine Route. Inside, it is worth mentioning the staircase with its skylight, the ballroom, the massive kitchen, and a precious library.

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