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D. Pedro de Pitões Tower
torre d pedro de pitoes oporto helloguide 01
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D. Pedro de Pitões Tower

This medieval tower-house was discovered in the 1940s during demolitions that made way for the construction of the Terreiro da Sé. It was at that time that the D. Pedro de Pitões Tower was completely rebuilt, although 15 meters away from its original site. It is a quadrangular building, with two floors, a high-arched door facing south and a Gothic stone balcony in the north. The Office of the History of the City was housed here until 1960, which is why it is also known as the Tower of the City. After the Revolution of April 25, 1974, the tower-house was occupied by the people who installed in it the Social Cultural Centre of Sé. Later, the people and Porto City Hall reached agreement, and the D. Pedro Pitões Tower began hosting the Commercial Association for the Development of Cultural Tourism in Porto and its Region (ATC / Porto Tours) - a function that still retains today.

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