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Bolhão Market
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Bolhão Market

The Bolhão Market is one of the most remarkable buildings of the center of Porto and the most iconic market of the city. The market dates back to 1850 and the current building, designed by the architect António Correia da Silva, was inaugurated in 1914. It was registered as a historical building in 2006. Its style is neoclassical with a unique structure featuring two floors, an open air interior yard and a large number of stores on the outside facing the four streets that border it: Fernandes Tomás to the North, Alexandre Braga to the East, Taiwan to the South, and Sá da Bandeira to the West.

The building is showing a few signs of its age and is currently one of the major challenges of urban regeneration in Porto. However, it still provides Porto residents with fish, meat, vegetables and flowers. It is a place of pilgrimage for politicians and public figures on various occasions, and is a popular destination for tourists.

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