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Episcopal Palace
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Episcopal Palace

It is thought that the Baroque building of the Episcopal Palace was built on ruins perhaps dating from the thirteenth century. The current building, whose façade is attributed to Nicolau Nasoni, was built in 1737. It was severely damaged during the Siege of Porto, in the first half of the nineteenth century, and it was even the seat of the Porto City Hall after the Republic was established. Notice the full arch flanked by pilasters in the main façade, as well as the central window with a stone balustrade, and the pediment where you see the coat of arms of Bishop D.Rafael de Mendonça who ordered the construction of the palace. There are more windows with ornate pediments on the side façades. In Terreiro da Sé, look for the Pelourinho da Sé, a monument from 1945 erected to adorn a paved terrace built at the same time.

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