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Lello Bookshop
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Lello Bookshop

Located at Rua das Carmelitas, the Lello Bookshop was considered the third most beautiful bookshop in the world by the British newspaper “The Guardian”. It was inaugurated in 1906 and it was first called Chardron. This name, which is still on the façade, was the name of the publisher that Lello brothers bought along with the building. It is known for its staircase in the center of the bookshop that was considered to be the first example of the use of reinforced concrete in Portugal.

The Lello bookshop has been used on film sets such as for “O Xangô de Baker Street” (English title: A Samba for Sherlock), a 2001 film based on the novel of the Brazilian humorist Jô Soares.

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