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Guindais Funicular
funicular dos guindais oporto helloguide 01
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Guindais Funicular

The Funicular Guindais is an automatically controlled railway elevator that connects the waterfront Ribeira area to Praça da Batalha in the higher ground of central Porto. It was fully renovated when Porto hosted the 2001 European Capital of Culture and opened in February 2004. From that time until the end of 2013, the elevator transported about 3.7 million people in its two panoramic cabins. Each trip lasts just over 2 minutes, and each car carries a maximum of 25 people.

The Funicular replaces the original elevator, which only functioned from 1891 to 1893, along the medieval Fernandina City Wall. It is one of the principal tourist attractions of the city, offering an overview of the river Douro, the Ponte D. Luís and the Monastery of Serra do Pilar in Gaia.

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