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Sea Life Porto
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Sea Life Porto

Sea Life or the Porto Aquarium (Oceanário do Porto) opened in the summer of 2009 and offers a journey through rivers and oceans that delights both young and old. It gives an insight into animal life, and not just that, it shows aquatic habitats ranging from the terraces of the Douro and the Porto Riverside (Ribeira do Porto), with its historic Don Luis I Bridge, to the Portuguese coast and tropical seas. Inhabiting Sea Life are some of the most beautiful creatures of bizarre shapes and strange names. Among which are the sharks that surprise visitors as they pass through what is known as the first underwater tunnel in the country - and which goes through the aquarium carrying 500,000 litres of water. Visitors also have the opportunity to discover some other curios facts and play games and attend lectures and documentaries on marine life. For groups, and subject to booking, there are guided themed tours to behind the scenes of Sea Life.

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