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Vodafone building
edificio vodafone oporto helloguide 01
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Vodafone building

The Vodafone building is the seat of the telecommunications company of the same name in Porto. It’s a white concrete building with three-dimensional shapes, cut by bold geometric lines that form juxtaposed diamond shapes, some of which form huge windows. It was designed by the architects José António Barbosa and Pedro Guimarães and completed in 2009. The building has a futuristic look to affirm the identity and values of Vodafone itself. It was voted Building of the Year in the 2010 ArchDaily Building of the Year Awards, in the Institutional category. In the same year, it was considered one of 20 most amazing and creative office buildings in the world by The Cool Hunter website in Culture and Design. It has four upper floors where the company's employees work in open space environments, a ground floor with an auditorium, cafeteria and shop, and three floors underground - two are for parking and one houses a training center, technical areas, storage and underground shop.

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