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Teófilo Braga Garden
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Teófilo Braga Garden

The Teófilo Braga Garden was built in 1915-1916 and is a rectangular green space, surrounded by lime trees and American oaks. It has grassy flowerbeds that flank the palm trees, which were planted in a symmetrical manner, and blackthorns. A visit to this garden is also worthwhile for the sculptures that adorn it: the Bust of Bacchus, the Republic, and the sculpture of Father Américo. The garden - which Porto residents know best as “Republic Square “- is surrounded by an interesting set of palaces and the Military Headquarters of the Northern Region. During Saint John’s Feast in June, this is one of the areas where revelers can buy the traditional basil, leeks and plastic hammers. From here, it is worth heading to the Rua do Almada, a street with typical Porto houses and where traditional shops - including many hardware stores, for example – coexist with new business such as record stores, restaurants, bars and shops selling antiques, collectors’ items, and rarities.

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