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Covelo Park
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Covelo Park

Covelo Park was bought in the twentieth century by the merchant José do Covelo. The old Paranhos farm was then donated to the Ministry of Health and to the Porto City Council who restored it in the late 1980's and currently manages the park, which has 8 hectares and is one of most iconic green spaces of the city. It's located in the northern part of the city, but very close to the city center.

Parts of the old Covelo park are preserved and newer areas that include a playground, grassy areas, various attractions for children, an outdoor gym, a small amphitheater with granite benches, a coffee shop with outdoor seating and a pedagogical vegetable garden. In the old farm area, where people usually run or walk their dogs, the native flora includes English oaks, cork oaks, stone pines, and cluster pines. One can still see the old farmhouse and its chapel near the entrance to the park, which hosts an Environmental Education Center.

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