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Foz Gardens
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Foz Gardens

The Foz Gardens are from the first half of the twentieth century and extend along the Montevideu and Brasil avenues, in the seaside area of Porto. At the beginning of the Montevideu Avenue, pay attention to a fountain designed by the architect Manuel Marques. Inaugurated in 1931, it is a rare example of the monumental fountains built in the city in the twentieth century. In the same avenue, one can see the statue of the Homem do Leme (Man at the Helm), a 1934 sculpture honoring fishermen. On Brasil Avenue, you will see the bust of the Portuguese writer Luís Vaz de Camões by the sculptor Irene Vilar, and notice the 1937 sculpture representing a lifeguard in the middle of a storm by Henrique Moreira. This series of garden spaces accompanies the seaside. It is right by the beaches, where you will also find enjoyable outdoor cafés and restaurants.

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