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Campo 24 de Agosto Garden
jardim do campo 24 de agosto oporto helloguide 01
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Campo 24 de Agosto Garden

The Campo 24 de Agosto Garden was created during the early years of the Republic, between 1912 and 1914, in the former location of the Mijavelhas Reservoir, which used to feed water to many of the city’s fountains. Most of the trees in the park have been there since the garden first opened. The space is triangular in shape, and is mostly used as crossing point. It has an irregular lake with sycamores, cedars and young cypresses around it. On the northern side, this green space is dominated by a viewpoint. On the southern side, you will see a group of jacaranda trees from Brazil, which are very rare in the North of the country. A sculpture representing Afonso Costa is another of the interesting features of this garden.

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