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Marquês de Pombal Garden
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Marquês de Pombal Garden

The Marquês de Pombal Garden was overhauled several times during its history, but it still retains some of its original romantic character such as an iron bandstand, and two small lakes with water jets, camellias and sycamores. The most recent refurbishment coincided with the construction of the homonymous metro station. The Porto City Hall is currently trying to find a use for the small building in the garden that was designed by Bernardino Basto Fabião and that served as the Pedro Ivo Library from 1948 to 2001. The two accesses to the metro station in this noble green space are camouflaged with long hedges of camellias. Finally, the garden is located on the square of the same name. The house-studio of the architect José Marques da Silva is also on the square. It is today the seat of the Marques da Silva Foundation Institute and is well worth a visit.

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