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Foz Velha
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Foz Velha

The Foz Velha is the oldest part of the mouth of the Douro river. It was a single parrish municipality between 1833 and 1836, when it joined the municipality of Porto. The area, which is one of the most noble of the city, was a seaside resort of the Porto nobility and bourgeoisie from the late nineteenth century. The easiest way to access this traditional area is along the Passeio Alegre Garden. Within this area’s narrow and winding streets, you will find typical houses, fountains and old drinking fountains, beautiful pavements, traditional grocery stores and other shops with products from other times, but also new businesses. Local entrepreneurs recently established the association "Foz Velha - O Bairro Vivo" to give more life to Foz Velha and make it more attractive.

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