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Marques de Oliveira Garden
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Marques de Oliveira Garden

In the city, almost everyone knows the Marquês de Oliveira Garden as São Lázaro Garden. It was inaugurated in 1834, and was the first public garden of Porto. It's located near the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto, and near the Porto Municipal Public Library. It is a romantic garden, dotted with fountains and statues, several flower beds, a small bandstand, and shady trees, especially the protected magnolias surrounding the lake. This green space has changed significantly since the original design, but it still is the only city garden bordered by a railing with four gates. It is worth taking a few minutes to gaze at the marble fountain that came directly from the sacristy of the former Convent of São Domingos. It is one of the most visited public gardens of the city and the location of choice for groups of older men who play cards there every day. In recent years, new businesses opened in the surrounding areas while older businesses became more dynamic as they became patronized by young people, in part because of the proximity of the college.

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