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Infante D. Henrique Square
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Infante D. Henrique Square

On the way towards Ribeira do Porto, the Infante D. Henrique Square offers several points of interest. The square is in the historic center of the city and around it are the Stock Exchange Palace, that is owned by Porto Commercial Association, the old Ferreira Borges Market, which is today occupied by Hard Club (an arts and entertainment centre), the churches of São Nicolau and São Francisco de Assis and, of course, the statue of the Infante Henrique (Prince Henry the Navigator). The monument is by Tomás Costa and was erected in 1894. It consists of the statue of the Prince standing next to a globe. There are two sculptural groups at the base of the monument. One represents a figure of Victory leading two steeds and two Tritons, to commemorate the triumph of Portuguese navigations. The other is a female figure, symbolizing the Faith of the Discoveries. At the base, notice the bas-reliefs depicting the capture of Ceuta and showing the Infante in the Sagres Promontory.

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