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Arca d'Água Garden
jardim de arca dagua oporto helloguide 01
jardim de arca dagua oporto helloguide 02

Arca d'Água Garden

Designed by Jerome Monteiro da Costa, the Arca d'Água Garden was inaugurated in 1928 and owes its name to the Paranhos Water Reservoirs that fed many of Porto’s fountains until the late nineteenth century. This green space in the city center features leafy trees and 'hides' an artificial cave and a lake with a few animals. Between the lake and the bandstand, which is on the south side of the garden, it is worth noticing the beautiful magnolias and the cedar trees. This garden features a sculpture, "The Family", which was designed by Cherters de Almeida and inaugurated in 1972. On the first Saturday of each month, the garden hosts a market for antiques, collectibles and handicrafts.

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