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Mouzinho de Albuquerque Square
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Mouzinho de Albuquerque Square

The Mouzinho Albuquerque Square - best known as Rotunda da Boavista - is the largest square in the city of Porto. The imposing column that stands in the middle of the square is a tribute to the heroes of the Peninsular War. The monument is by the sculptor Alves de Sousa and the architect Marques da Silva. Notice the lion on top of the tall column. It symbolizes England, which sent troops to support the Portuguese. The lion’s paws hold an eagle that symbolizes the Empire of Napoleon, which was defeated in that conflict. Surrounding the monument, there’s a garden with several liquidambars, oaks, lime trees, tulip trees, and some palm trees. In the late twentieth century, this square was the scene of the Book Fair of Porto and is one of the mandatory stops during the São João Feast. It was revamped as part of the construction of the Casa da Música, which is on the square, and it is very close to the renovated Bom Sucesso Market.

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