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Douro River
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Douro River

The Douro is the second longest river of the Iberian Peninsula. The river has its source in the North of Spain and travels 850 kilometers until it reaches the Atlantic. Within Portugal, it passes through places like Barca D'Alva, Vila Nova de Foz Côa and Peso da Régua until it meets the ocean in Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia. Once an important artery for the region's economy, the Douro remains central in the life of the region, but it is today much more linked to tourism than to the Porto wine industry.

There are several operators of boat tours in the Douro which operate from Porto and Gaia. In historical places of the city that are classified as World Heritage by UNESCO, such as Cais de Gaia and Ribeira do Porto, you can embark on a cruise upstream and travel to discover the stunning Douro vineyards.

There are day trips and weeklong options. On the Portuguese stretch of the river there are five dams, which are also attractions for visitors: Crestuma-Lever, Carrapatelo, Régua (Bagaúste), Valeira e Pocinho. Finally, the historic CP train is a gorgeous alternative to travel along the Douro. Running only during the summer months, it is a journey through time, between the stations of the Régua and Tua. It always runs along the waterfront and the beautiful landscape itself is also classified by UNESCO.

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