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Flowers Street
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Flowers Street

The Rua das Flores was recently reclassified and it’s a pedestrianized artery since the beginning of 2014. The street was opened in the sixteenth century, during the reign of D. Manuel, in lands occupied with plots of the bishop, when it was named "Rua de Santa Catarina Flores'. Its construction coincided with the end of the prohibition of the nobles to reside in the city and with the rise of a new mercantile bourgeoisie. The houses reflect a certain taste for palaces and a certain opulence. In this street of the historic center of Porto, where coexist centenary business and modern stores, there are several jewelers stores and grocery, chocolatiers, craft shops and other types of souvenirs of the city and some restaurants and cafes. Here are also addresses of Youth Foundation, of Santa Casa da Misericórdia of Porto (Saint House of Mercy of Porto), with its magnificent Renaissance church, and of the Museum of Puppet of Porto.

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