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Cândido dos Reis Street
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Cândido dos Reis Street

The Rua Cândido dos Reis, which got its name to the Republican rebel, and is located very close to the Tower of the Clerics and to the Lello Bookshop. The house number 75, is a rare example of Art Nouveau in the city and in the corner of the Palace Count of Vizela. It is now one of the arteries from the moving night zone of Porto. Once a street connected to the warehouses and homes of fabrics, Cândido dos Reis is today primarily known for its nightlife, where are located several bars and restaurants. The same happens in the neighboring streets, where there is also a wide variety of shops. On the last Saturday of each month, the Rua Cândido dos Reis is the stage of the Little Market of Clerics, where you can find from the urban crafts to antiques, passing through food and biological product stands and where is usually animation with music or performances.

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