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Historic Center
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Historic Center

Classified as World Cultural Heritage since 1996, the historic center of Porto offers a wealth of unique landscapes and monuments amidst a tangle of narrow streets and slender granite buildings. Houses from the Medieval period coexist next to more recent architecture and old buildings that have been completely revamped. Get to know the area by meandering through the 'entrails' of the ancient parish of Sé around the Cathedral. You can also walk in Ribeira, visit the Monument Church of São Francisco de Assis and the Stock Exchange Palace. Visit the old Mercado Ferreira Borges to attend a concert or eat a snack. This market was built in 1885, but it was refurbished and repurposed to host the “Hard Club”, a performance space, and the restaurant “O Mercado”. You can also cross the D. Luis I Bridge up to the Cais de Gaia. Try to find these spots where you can soak up the sights that constitute this urban center unique in the world.

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