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Ribeirinha Area
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Ribeirinha Area

The Riverside Area of the city known as Ribeira is one of the oldest and most touristic areas of Porto. Around the Ribeira Square, which appears mentioned in records of 1389 and is of medieval origin, there are several restaurants and bars, with pleasant terraces and often live music. The majestic view includes the beautiful Douro River, the D. Luis I Bridge and the Porto wine cellars. These are just the main attractions however there is plenty more to see in this area.

There are still locals which inhibit the typical ancient buildings. Recommended pieces worth seeing in the area are; a sculpture by José Rodrigues commonly known as "Cubo da Ribeira"( Ribeira Cube), and a statue of St. John Baptist by the sculptor João Cutileiro.

The nearby Also worth seeing and located in Ribeira Square is the piece by Teixeira Lopes called "Alminhas da Ponte" which depicts the tragedy of the "Ponte das Barcas" where hundreds of people rushed to the bridge to escape the French Invasion and drowned in the Douro river. Inaugurated in 1987 and next to the Ribeira tunnel you can view the mural “Ribeira Negra” by Júlio Resende which includes paintings showing the famous Lada Lift and the pillars of the old Pênsil Bridge, which represent the local characteristics of the area.

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