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Saint Peter of Afurada Feasts
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Saint Peter of Afurada Feasts

St. Peter is one of the Popular Saints celebrated in Portugal during the month of June - on the 29th - and he is the patron saint of all fishermen. For this reason, he deserves a good party in Afurada, a fishing village in Vila Nova de Gaia, located close to the mouth of the Douro River. Integrating the party program, is a street run by the seafarers of the River Douro, the traditional fireworks - launched from boats positioned in the middle of the river and from the Arrábida Bridge; the Holy Mass, the procession and the discharge of mortars. São Pedro da Afurada also has animation provided by stalls selling food and drink, the entertainment and the market salesmen that sell a bit of everything. At this time of year, the cafes and restaurants of Afurada close later.

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