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Cultural life and Nightlife
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Cultural life and Nightlife

Porto is a lively city for the creative industries, the site of numerous cultural and artistic events, increasingly cosmopolitan and with a moving nightlife, which is renowned cross-border.

Among the city's main cultural venues are Serralves, the House of Music, the National Theatre of St. John, the Coliseum, the Municipal Theatre - with their Rivoli and Campo Alegre hubs and the Hard Club.

The cultural agenda of the city is intense and multidisciplinary, in particular as regards music, theatre and the visual and plastic arts.

Over recent years, in downtown Porto, in particular in the surrounding area of Torre dos Clérigos, large shops have been transformed into restaurants, bars, cafes, nightclubs and theatres, which gave the area the epithet "moved zone". In this area you will find the nightlife in both warm and intimate spaces as well as in other larger, multidisciplinary spaces that have concerts and DJ performances. There are terraces and wine bars, restaurants serving snacks and signature cuisine with retro style decoration. All of these are a trend that is here to stay.

Downtown is currently the most lively part of the city at night, attracting all kinds of night birds, and simultaneously one Porto's major culturally alive hubs.

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