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World of Discoveries
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World of Discoveries - Interactive Museum and Theme Park

Housed inside the old warehouses of Real Companhia Velha in Miragaia, the World of Discoveries - Interactive Museum and Theme Park is a museum dedicated to the Portuguese Discoveries, where visitors can step into the shoes of the Portuguese navigators who crossed the oceans to reach an unknown world. In a navigable area with small boat replicas the sea routes pioneered by the Portuguese have been recreated, with routes that cross through China, Japan, Indonesia, India, North Africa and Brazil. It is a private museum that was born in 2014, in the birth city of Prince Henry the Navigator (Infante D. Henrique), the man who gave new worlds to the world, by the hand of yet another entrepreneur and owner of the DouroAzul, Mário Ferreira. With 5,000 square metres, it has themed rooms showing the evolution of vessels, navigational instruments, mapping, 4D globes and LCD touchscreens on the subject of navigators, life on board and art, a shipyard and a hologram of Prince Henry the Navigator. The museum space also includes a store and a themed restaurant called Mundo de Sabores [World of Flavours] that is open daily.

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