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Transports and Communications Museum
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Transports and Communications Museum

Located on the bank of the River Douro inside the historic Porto Customs building, the Museum of Transport and Communications was created in 1992 by a non-profit organisation whose mission it is to make known the history of transport and the different communications media. Its permanent exhibition, the "Comunicar" show (the "Communicate" show), occupies an area of ​​2,000 square metres and addresses multiple forms of communication, from the 5 senses to television and radio, whilst the show "O motor da República: os carros dos Presidentes" ("The engine of the Republic: the cars of Presidents") brings together four carriages and 10 motor vehicles ranging from the dawn of the Republic - and the carriages belonging to the Monarchy - up to the Year 2000 Mercedes, which only ceased to be at the service of the presidency in 2013. The exhibition "O automóvel no espaço e no tempo" ("The motor vehicle in space and in time") reveals the history behind the motor vehicle, from when it first emerged to present days and the show "Metamorfose de Um Lugar: Museu da Alfândega" ("Metamorphosis of a Place: Museum of Customhouses") invites you to travel through the history of customs and the relationship between Porto and the Customhouse. The project for the redevelopment of the building, which has been ongoing since 1992, is under the guidance of architect Eduardo Souto de Moura. The "relevance" and "uniqueness" of this museum, as well as "the quality of its work" have earned it a nomination for the 2014 European Museum of the Year Award.

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