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Port Wine Cellars
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Port Wine Cellars

Over fifty Porto wine houses age the wine they produce in the Douro Region in wooden casks in their cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia. All the cellars have guided tours, where they reveal the history of Porto wine to visitors and invite them to taste different varieties of this nectar. They also have shops where you can buy this rich wine. Besides the cellars, you can visit the Espaço Porto Cruz Centro Multimédia, which is at river level. It opened in 2012 and promotes the production of Porto wine, particularly among younger people. In the building, Portuguese chef Miguel Castro Silva runs the restaurant Castro Gaia.  A visit to the bar Lounge Terrace 360 º is recommended for its breathtaking views. Some cellars now have small museums where you can learn about their history. Cellars with museums include those of Graham's, A. Ramos Pinto, and Ferreira.

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