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Gaia Pier
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Gaia Pier

It is in this area of the neighbouring municipality of Gaia where the wine cellars of Oporto are found, at Avenida Diogo Leite and adjacent arteries, from the waterfront to a higher level. In addition to visiting the sites where the main brands of Port wine have the famous nectar ageing, you can have lunch or dinner at one of various restaurants in the area, have a drink in one of the numerous bars or do some shopping at the craft fair that takes place every first weekend of each month. In Cais de Gaia, you can take the cable car that takes visitors to the Morro Garden (Jardim do Morro) and to the Monastery of Serra do Pilar from where you have a unique view of Oporto. Another possibility is to embark on a cruise bound for the Douro.

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